Ed Reno Magician



Edward Munn Burdick (Reno)


Minnie P. Oliver


After the death of his first wife, Emma, in 1927, Ed remarried his second wife, Helen Curtis in 1929. Shortly after their marriage, she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and died within a year.


Ed then remarried his next door neighbor, Minnie P. Oliver in 1932, a widow with 6 daughters.  She was born August 10, 1881, in Lawrenceville, Illinois.  Her father’s name was Isaiah Oliver. 



Minnie’s daughters’ names were:









Ed and Minnie spent all of their married life in Kankakee, Illinois, until the death of Ed on April 2, 1949.  Minnie died on October 7, 1963.  They are buried next to each other in Mound Grove Cemetery in Kankakee. 


An interesting side note:  Don’t always believe the information found in “official” documents.  While we were researching Ed’s life and death in Kankakee, it become obvious that Minnie never knew the true birth name of her second husband since she listed on his death certificate the correct first names of his parents but gave their last names as “Reno” and, of course, Ed’s last name as “Reno.”  His tombstone reads “Edward M. Reno.”


This is all the information we have concerning Ed’s life with Minnie.  If anyone has more information please contact us at:  mailto:web@ed-reno-magician.com