Ed Reno Magician



Interested in Magic?

Ed was a magician that did not do any of the “big box tricks” which became popular with Harry Houdini. Ed's show was that today we call "street magic" or "up close" magic.  He did his magic while giving a constant flow of clean jokes and funny little quips. 

Today, this type of magic is coming back into favor. One show that we have seen and highly recommend is Warren Gibson's "Warren and Annabelles" in Lahaina Maui.  If you ever get to visit Maui, Hawaii, be sure to book your reservation to this GREAT show. It is highly recommended to book at least one week in advance, and two weeks would be better.

Click on the link below to preview the show and book your reservations.



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http://www.mymagic.com/magichistory/magis/reno-ed/index.html This site is selling window cards of Ed Reno. These window cards are new but do have a little misprint just below Ed' right shoulder. These cards do not have "Redpath" in the border, so they were used by Ed after 1929 when the Redpath Circuit closed down. Their price is very reasonable.

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